Chukwunonso Merah Discusses How to Add Value to your Home with Renovations

Whether you are a new home buyer or have already purchased and renovated numerous homes, there are a few big home improvement projects that can really add value and attract home buyers. As the Founder and Owner of the Calgary-based home renovation company EZPZ, Chukwunonso Merah understands that his clients want renovations that add value to their home. Mr. Merah took the time to provide his insider knowledge on the renovations that add the most value to your home.

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Kitchens and Bathrooms

The best way to add immediate value to your home, no matter where it is located, how big it is, or when your home was built; is by upgrading your kitchen and bathroom areas. Chukwunonso Merah states that home buyers say time and time again that they are looking for enhanced kitchens and bathrooms when looking for a home in a hot real-estate market. Now that environmentally friendly and energy efficient appliances, as well as smart-home upgrades are becoming more common, an investment in new home technologies can really pay off.

You may be thinking, why are these areas so important and how do they add value? The answer is simple, they are high-use and high traffic areas that families use every day. Kitchen upgrades also provide some of the most bang for your buck in home remodeling. Whether its replacing old and outdated kitchen appliances with matching upgrades, including tech-enhanced models; or upgrading or replacing old and worn out cabinets; even a large kitchen remodel budget can be recouped immediately. Chukwunonso Merah urges all clients to consider updating flooring with newer, eco-friendly options, and adding colour with paint, backsplashes, and appliances; to really get the most value out of their kitchen remodel.

For bathrooms, if your home is newly built, you can forego a big investment in remodeling and just change out important elements like vanities, toilets, and bathroom fixtures to upgrade the look and feel of your home without adding cost and time to your redesign. Check out eco-friendly and energy efficient upgrades, including hot water heaters; to really impress your buyers.

Landscaping and Exteriors

Curb appeal! This well-known term is very important for home buyers. You want to give them a good impression, and set your home apart from the pack, especially in a pricey or hot real-estate market. To do so, Chukwunonso Merah recommends investing in landscaping as well as exterior paint and siding upgrades, improved roof or window accents, entryway upgrades, and the addition of trees, plants, pavers, and new garage doors; will enhance your home’s value and make buyers remember it.

One thing to consider in landscaping is to purchase eco-friendly additions to your home’s exterior, including plants that grow well in your natural environment and don’t need a lot of watering and care.

Flooring Upgrades

Another hot item in home renovation is flooring upgrades. According to Chukwunonso Merah, there is an abundance of eco-friendly options available to improve your interior flooring and wow potential home buyers, while protecting your investment with increased value. For a small budget, you can replace carpet or other flooring and make your home look and smell new. In addition, adding hardwood floors can add major value to your home’s sale price.

Chukwunonso Merah’s Final Thoughts

Any of the above renovations will add value to your home, each option comes with its associated pros and cons. Determine your budget, and the time allowance you have for completing the renovations and decide what option is best for your needs. Chukwunonso Merah suggests that you always contact an experienced contractor to determine if a project is possible and to receive an accurate quote before you begin the process.

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