Summer is for Adventure

Reflecting on the last year of my second decade

Plunging Down Colorado’s Peaks

At the edge. The tallest lift in North America
Me trying out my uncle’s oxygen to try and help with my symptoms (it didn’t help)

Enduring China

The hill by West Lake, Hangzhou, China

Finding Depth in the Dark

Sunset at Xinping fishing village
The view outside our hostel
One of the pools inside
My camera struggled with the absence of light
Electric Scootering through the countryside
View from Yangshuo rooftop

Achieving Height at Scale

Climbing the mountain up to the side of The Great Wall
Finding a way onto the wall
Finding our way up the wall
The crumbling guard towers were eerie to see and step inside of — it was beyond belief that these have been here for so long

Jumping Out of a Plane


Looking Forward

Sunrise after climbing a mountain all night — outside Xi’an, China
Longji Rice Terraces