Counter-democratic internet trolls are a global phenomenon. We need organized forces of cyber elves to fight them.

Meadow Elves. Nils Blommér, 1850

Harassment, provocation and propaganda has a deeply chilling effect on online freedom of expression by reducing the willingness of the public to make its voices heard and participate in online communities.

This is particularly harmful when taking into account that trolls frequently target women and minorities. And it is not a harm limited to the individual targets of trolling tactics. The world over, social media have become a means of election interference.

Through the combined use of trolling, automated accounts (“bots”) and the spread of false information, domestic and foreign actors increasingly attempt to covertly influence election results around the…

Jeg har sendt følgende email til Kulturministeren om Danmarks forhandlingsposition i forbindelse med Ophavsretsdirektivet.

Kære Kulturminister Mette Bock

Jeg skriver som 1) medborger i Danmark og EU, 2) bruger af og fortaler for et frit og åbent internet, hvor alle kan komme til orde såvel politisk som for at markedsføre produkter og ydelser, og 3) som kulturskaber i form af skrivende journalist, podcast-producent, sangskriver og musiker.

Jeg er kraftigt bekymret om konsekvenserne af Artikel 11 og Artikel 13 i Ophavsretsdirektivet, både for mig personligt som medborger, internetbruger og professionel kulturskaber, og for mine medborgere, vores digitale fællesskaber og for mine…

This walking tour was designed by Aslak Ransby, Ingrid Burrington and Janet Gunter for the Internet Infrastructure Summit at Techfestival.

The infrastructure of the internet begins with machines crushing rocks and those rocks must come from somewhere. In the near future, one such place could very well be in Greenland. In order to fully prepare yourself before heading out on the walk, you should take the time first to watch and discuss the documentary film Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld by Joshua Portway and Lisa Autogena. Lisa Autogena introduced the film at the summit:


This walk takes you through the sights, sites and stories of infrastructure, power and sustainability, around the Techfestival. The walk is designed for groups of 3–4 people. …

The early development of the world wide web was based on providing a basic public good for sharing knowledge. That was key to its success.

Live interview with Jean-Francois Groff at the Techfestival 2018 Greenhouse stage

I was 10 years old, when Tim Berners-Lee first published the world wide web and made his invention available to the world. A few years later, I was introduced to it by a school librarian who was incredibly excited about it.

But I remember being a bit disappointed in the web because I had just read William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the novel that introduced the concept of cyberspace. In his glittering virtual reality, cyberspace was a landscape that you could fly through and viscerally experience data structures. …

Digital literacy is pointless without a digital upbringing to establish norms. Kids need adult guidance when learning to use technology.

Katrine Pedersen is Head of Education at Arken Museum for Modern Art. There, where she runs the Art & Tech Lab. Here, you can experiment with technology through the perspective of art as discussed in the first part of our interview.

“I never saw myself at a museum, but when I found out that they had been working with technology for many years, with the value perspectives and the relation between art and technology in general, it piqued my interest,” she says.

The interdisciplinary educational approach at Arken, based on human relations, turned out to be a perfect match for…

Artistic creativity is necessary for technology, not just for innovation in the marketplace but to realize its potential for participation.

J.F. Willumsen, Himmelgåden, 1938. J.F. Willumsens Museum. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

When Arken Museum of Modern Art hosted its first Art & Tech Lab, together with Dries Depoorter and Nynne Just Christoffersen, the goal was to teach participants how to teach themselves.

“It was such a pleasure to watch because it was about diversity and intuition,” says Katrine Pedersen, who is Head of Education at Arken, the contemporary art museum about a half hour drive out of Copenhagen.

Besides her work at the museum, Katrine Pedersen is the author of several books about youth culture in the digital world. …

Do social media stress you out? Are you addicted to Facebook? We look into the science of how tech affects your emotional well-being.

At least in affluent societies, the smartphone has been part of social life for more than a decade and online social networking is older than the web itself. But while no one could foresee the mental health consequences of constant connectivity, studies have begun to document the effects. Here are some of the findings.

Social media stress comes from caring about others

A study of 1801 Americans, done by Pew Research Center found that there is no significant connection between increased use of social media and heightened stress levels. In addition, women seem statistically less stressed with increased social media use.

However, what digital technologies and especially social…

Behind all technology, there is a negotiation of power taking place. Writing about tech and ignoring the power is irresponsible journalism, says Ingrid Burrington.

The energy usage and e-waste production of the tech sector covered in the first part of our conversation is only one aspect of Ingrid Burrington’s work as a writer and artist. We continued our conversation about journalism, art, time travel, and magic.

Do you think it’s possible to understand tech outside of its institutional constraints?

“I’m often referred to as a technology writer or a tech journalist but I feel like everyone is a tech journalist. Being a tech journalist just means that you are a systems thinker if you’re doing your job right. Like writing about Palmer Luckey’s horrifying…

Switching data centers to renewable energy sources like wind and solar only blunts one part of the environmental impact of cloud computing.

Internet infrastructure is made of material machines, that is computers and cables that store and transport our data, and that use a lot of energy. We sat down and talked with Techfestival 2018 keynote speaker and summit host Ingrid Burrington about the role of data centers in the environmental life-cycle of cloud computing.

When warehousing and processing the data collected about us through apps and websites, cloud computers in data centers cause an enormous amount of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere.

As a cornerstone the tech sector, the data center industry uses so much energy that it…

Technology has had a giant impact on the global food system. Designing human interfaces can help advance the future of what and how we eat.

“We are very interested in design processes and how we can use design as a tool to help feed 9 billion people by the year 2050. And what that means is really re-imagining our food system as a whole, from how our food is produced to how it’s packaged and then distributed, and on our personal relationships with the food that we eat,” says LinYee Yuan, founder and editor of Mold, a media website and paper magazine focused on how design can improve the global food system.

The concept of interfaces is central for the Mold editors when exploring how…

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