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Christian Ingemann (left) comes from a background merging economics with philosophy and is an expert in the field of Digital Economies and developing Collaborative Organizations. Henrik Chulu (middle) has a background in philosophy and geography and takes a deep interest in the way new technologies challenge established social structures. Camilla Monsrud (right) is a designer creating both questioning and solution-oriented projects synthesizing form, function, materiality, and aesthetics. Photos: Nordic Noir

Open Source Design

»… before attempting to create something new, it is vital to have a good appreciation of everything that already exists in this field.« — Mikhail Kalashnikov


CC-BY Paolo Trabattoni

Five Hundred Years

CC-BY Søren Niedziella
No Copyright/NASA

Fifty Years

CC-BY Kio Stark

»Once upon a time people were born into communities and had to find their individuality. Today people are born individuals and have to find their communities.«

No Copyright/U.S. National Archives (left, right)

Five Years

»The funny thing is, no one’s really hiding the secret of how to make awesome online communities. Give people something cool to do and a way to talk to each other, moderate a little bit, and your job is done.«

CC-BY Karunakar Rayker

Open Source Organization

CC-BY Ben Husmann
CC-BY Seattle Municipal Archives

Commons Governance

No Copyright/National Media Museum


No Copyright/NASA

Disrupting Utopia

CC-BY Tobias Toft

Media of Mass Destruction

CC-BY-SA Jeff Dahl (left, right)
Public Domain

Panoptic Power

Public Domain

Form Against Function

CC-BY opyh

The End of Integrity

CC-BY-SA Jan Kaláb
CC-BY anja_johnson


CC-BY Markus Spiske

Reinventing Civil Society

CC-BY See-ming Lee
CC-BY Martin Krolikowski

Digital Self-Defense

CC-BY-SA See-ming Lee

Privacy as Innovation

No Copyright/NASA
No Copyright/U.S. National Archives

Open by Default

No Copyright/U.S. National Archives (left, right)

Code Literacy

CC-BY Seattle Municipal Archives


CC-BY Ian Sane

The Urban Commons

No Copyright/U.S. National Archives
No Copyright/U.S. National Archives





I write and speak about this future we're living in. https://henrikchu.lu

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Henrik Chulu

Henrik Chulu

I write and speak about this future we're living in. https://henrikchu.lu

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