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Not long ago, witnessed by tens of millions of people, the South Korean professional Go player of 9 dan rank Lee Sedol lost 4–1 to Aplha Go, the A.I. Go playing program created by Deep Mind.

Go has always been considered the most complicated chess game, the amount of all possible moves in a single game are more than the stars in the universe. Unlike the previous A.I. chess player Deep Blue, AlphaGo can’t win this challenge by simple consider all the moves, instead, it must learn how the human “thinks”.

Created by Dr. Huang, Alpha Go is trained by human professional Go player. By showing it thousands of games played by professional players, Alpha Go is able to study the pattern of how the players moves. From these moves Alpha Go could learn how the professional players “think” under certain situations and even follows “intuition” when facing unseen moves to make the correct decision. …

Soon after the invention of personal computers and arcades, people have been playing games for decades. From the most classical game Pack-man till the current popular games like Assassin’s Creed, these games have enriched our daily life and brought us joy.

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The way people play games differs from generations. In the 80’s, we played games on those heavy machines by paying a single coin. It was truly inconvenient at that time. Without those machines, we weren’t able to play games.

Well, thanks to the rising of personal computers and play stations in the 90's, people are able to play the game at home on their own machine. The emerging of stations like PS2, XBox, Wii also encourages the game development industry. Some station manufacturers even create their own game that only serves on their machine like the famous Marios Bros or the Legend of Zelda . …

The 3D printers have emerged for years; however, few applications have been observed in current factories due to its limitations on production speed and size. It is often heard the saying that the 3D printer is merely a creative idea, or a cool innovative concept that may “probably” profit in the future. In some cases, people may even mock it as a “toy” instead of a new tool for the future. Well, guess what, it’s actually dominating the jewelry industry right now.

Traditionally, the jewelry production begins with carving on a wax model. The craftsman would carve the model base on the draft from the designer. After the desired shape is carved, the model would be sent for casting into gold or platinum rings. …

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Source: The Milwaukee Independent

Foxconn has long been the largest assembler of iPhone. With more than 1.2 million employees, Foxconn spends more than $10 billion in labor cost annually. In recent years, with the disappointing features on the new iPhone, the demand has been decreasing and the profit is not as good as before. According to news reports, Foxconn’s iPhone assembly department will have to reduce the expenditure of 20 billion yuan, which is about 3 billion US dollars, this year to maintain revenue. At the same time, with the Chinese people’s wages rising every year, Foxconn is losing its advantage in having cheap labors. Taking these into circumstances, I think that it is reasonable to speculate that Foxconn will reduce labor costs, and the A.I. …

Chun Han Lu

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