Precise Agriculture within Drone Industry

In the past, drone was mostly applied in military field, but from 2015 commercial drone appeared into market, the selling trend of drone dramatically rose. The selling volume of drone was over 2.2 million in 2015, and the estimate sales was 1.6 billion dollars.

Now drone has been applied in many field, such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, husbandry, emergency management, environment monitoring, logistics transportation…etc. Between over 600 drone related companies, senseFly catches my attention most, which is the subsidiary of Parrot, and focuses on precision agriculture market.

Compare to consumption drone market, commercial drone market apparently has more profit, so Parrot announced turning into commercial drone market and let its subsidiary senseFly cooperate with precise agriculture solution companies such as Agribotix and MicaSense. They proposed 2 platforms: FarmLens SaaS Platform and Atlas for processing cloud data. And the newest drone eBee Plus, published by senseFly will also install these 2 platforms for completely collecting, processing and analyzing for precise agriculture solutions.

Agriculture is not only the beginning of human civilization, but also infrastructure industry in modern society. Precise agriculture leverages lots of high-tech equipment to distribute water and fertilizer to each crop for reducing the cost and increase the yields. Although some people doubt the high cost of facilities and instruments is the barrier for developing precise agriculture, there are still a lot of benefits from precise agriculture which can cover the cost of initial investment, like overcoming the drought, environment protection, and farm continuity. And also, the top technologies will gradually decrease the cost of the hardware and software which precise agriculture needs.

The eBee Plus plays an important role in precise agriculture, it has cameras with high resolution, GPS system with high accuracy, and battery with high duration to cover large farms. It records every geographic details in farms, and scan the farm with efficient route and shortest path, and then connects to cloud analysis systems to generate the precise volume, time, and location to irrigate and fertilize.

As population increase, food provision will become an important issue. Precise agriculture is one of the best solutions, it significantly increases the efficiency and opens up the new generation of no boundary agriculture. senseFly not only provides accurate photography, but also combines big data analysis and deep learning to conduct the most customized proposals to solve every kind of problems. Not merely monitoring and analysis, eBee Plus can also implement crops stand counting and assessment of machinery performance by the combination of visual, moisture, thermal and other high technical sensors.

For instance, one of the most critical application will be wine industry, many of vineyards have long histories. Any slightly difference of status of sunlight, soil and water can influence the flavor significantly. With precise agriculture by drones, the amount of high quality wine can increase and the cost and the price can decrease. However, some people still believe only within the specific year, the perfect raining, sunlight, irrigate, and through expert handcrafts, the wine is actually perfect. It’s why wine industry is so attractive, and also a challenge for precise agriculture.

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