The last day of school

Ever. Most probably.

It took four years.
Four long years.
Yet like everything else, university life is coming to an end.

A rather anti-climatic one.

I chose not to do a thesis in my final year.
I did not join any clubs or societies in my time here.
In a very chill final semester, I chose to do a part-time internship in my spare time which ended rather abruptly once the NUS Arts Festival concluded.

And today, I will have my very last lesson in my university life, and most probably in my life; counting only academic ones and not the classes you have to take to upgrade yourself in work or something.

And that’s it.

Pretty much nothing else to say about it.
I don’t really have much to show for except that, well, I have survived and here I am, I have graduated.

No exciting parties or celebrations with friends.
Nothing like taking photos and cheering “OMG THIS IS IT (we are just left with finals!!) YAYYYY!!!” after class.
No feeling of happiness, satisfaction, excitement, or even relief.
Maybe nothing more than a ‘meh, this is it’.

Well life does simply go on after that, no matter what.

I still have two finals to study for before I can really claim to have graduate.
And even then, commencement ceremony is three months away still.
Perhaps I’ll get that OMG THIS IS IT moment after my last paper.
Perhaps I’ll get it during my commencement.

Perhaps there will never be such a moment.

But then again, why will it matter at all?

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