We are ambassadors of everything that has ever happened to us — our families, friends, schools, communities, countries, religions, etc. In our quest to live a more ‘free’ life, let us not forget that every action we take reflects on every influencer (person or incident) we've ever had. Basic decency and values (such as respect, honesty, and cleanliness) are non-negotiable, an homage to our past.

That is not to say that we cannot rebel — we must, and with fierceness, when the cause is right, but even then, with respect and compassion, and not with malice and disdain.

In short, there are things fixed and things variable.


  • We are stewards of our society
  • We will leave an imprint / we will influence others
  • Our society will be judged by our actions


  • Whether we acknowledge our stewardship
  • The values we choose to embody consistently
  • How our society will be shaped and judged by our actions
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