Readings on Artificial Intelligence

This section has been curated to help you gain a keener insight into the hottest trend in technology: the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


  1. AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning — link
  2. What is machine learning anyway? — link
  3. Key trends in machine learning and AI — link
  4. This is the future of artificial intelligence — link

Business Applications

  1. The Key Ingredient to disrupting with machine learning — link
  2. Machine learning is redefining the enterprise in 2016 — link
  3. Goodbye accountants! Startup builds AI to automate all your accounting — link
  4. Retooling AI for the workplace — link

Investor Interest

  1. There’s a new AI-focused VC fund in Silicon Valley — link

Economic Impact

  1. Why AI will break capitalism — link
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