Chungalunga’s Manifesting Magic.

Chungalunga coin
6 min readAug 1, 2022

Chungalunga is a seed at the moment.

Once you put it in the ground and start watering it daily, it will grow.

And — add just a pinch of love to it.

It will grow into a tremendously beautiful fruit tree that will stand still for decades to come and feed people who have put their attention, focus, and time into it.

Fresh, bold, and unique in several aspects — it’s just one of the ways to describe CL cryptocurrency.

Growing it in a proven way of marketing the biggest meme projects in the last 2+ years with a few of my touches, together with the addition of the probably biggest use case in recent crypto history.

Chungalunga’s family will create an e-commerce platform similar to Shopify, where anyone from all over the world can open their own webshop and sell digital or physical goods.

The only cryptocurrency for transactions will be Chungalunga (CL).

That alone will make CL one of the world's most popular and used coins.

Before we get there with the e-com platform, many people will already know about us, our coin, and all our efforts to achieve the goals we have put upon ourselves.

The right approach for making crypto projects grow big is to promote them. As much as possible. Everywhere and all the time.

To do that, one person can’t do all the marketing magic.

There was not even one project in the past that has become popular and successful where only their team has done all the promotion. None.

The only way to succeed beyond any measure is to have an amazing, focused, uplifting community that will take it to the next level.

I have written in the whitepaper that I’m only a firestarter.

The one who will give Chungalunga a breath of life. The one who did pre-launch activities and got open-minded people in our Telegram group who can recognize this is already a big project. The one who has written a detailed marketing plan and the one who will work on several of the activities from it.

The Experiment (whitepaper, page 8) says:

This is actually one of the simplest tasks/gigs you will have in your life that could bring the highest return ever.

Let’s see how many of you will be able to conquer that imprinted human passivity and procrastination and make themselves proud for taking CL to worldwide adoption.

You, as a part of the community, are the Chungalunga’s parent.

You are the one who decides where CL will go.

You are the one who has that magnificent power to make it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

I will just start a fire.

It’s better to have 50 like-minded and proactive people around you than 5,000 spectators who will lose focus in less than a day and jump to the next opportunity.

That’s one of the reasons I prefer to start with a small number of supporters. Many crypto projects that have started this way have achieved noticeable or huge success.

Shiba Inu had slow growth for the first six months. Rarely anyone knew about them. And later on, they have become one of the most popular tokens.

With the best community, it’s easy to achieve tremendous success…

…especially when you have a community of powerful manifestors.

Manifesting our $2 Billion Market Cap Goal

This is our thing — we will collectively use the power of the Law of Attraction, manifestation, or whatever you like to call it, to be the best and fastest fuel to Chungalunga’s worldwide success.

I have achieved all the big things in my life by visualizing them first and feeling that I already have them (or that I’m in that situation).

I have noticed that many crypto multimillionaires or billionaires, like Carl Runefelt, have used the same power to get where they are today.

Many people I’m talking with about Chungalunga already know and practice manifestation techniques. Those people are the real power behind this project.

You are the most significant power to push CL where it belongs, the Top 20 project on the CoinMarketCap.

Your thoughts, together with proven and well-planned community-focused marketing activities, will do that.

With a specific and fun approach, everything will be much easier than you imagine.

From the start, we are creating the Chungalunga pendulum.

One of the strongest forces in the universe:

When our pendulum grows to a significant size, nothing can stop it.

Read the first book from the collection above to get your mind blown.

Then, read the second book to learn how to manifest easily.

After that, join our uplifting and helpful community on Discord, where we will have people who fully understand their innate super-power of manifestation and utilize it together to grow one of the most impactful crypto projects to this day.

We will discuss more, besides other things, the proper ways of manifesting your goals and desires:

Our goal is to get above the $2+ billion market cap and stay above it the whole time while Chungalunga (CL) is becoming the most used crypto for payments.

You, you are the one who will achieve this.

I have only 24 hours in a day. That’s why I will use my expertise to do focused action for us going forward, and you…

You, as part of the Chungalunga family, will make all the difference with your thoughts and even small actions.

This project is designed from the ground up with mainstream investors in mind.

We will start with marketing on TikTok and Twitter, but that’s just one step. First one. Chungalunga coin will become well known on TikTok among all crypto investors on that platform. Then, we will take over YouTube.

Facebook crypto groups will be filled with the hype around Chungalunga.

And later on, everyone will know about CL and talk about us online and offline in many places.

We will be getting buyers who hold. Buyers who hold for a long time and support projects wherever and whenever they can, who buy our upcoming merch and wear it proudly.

We are getting buyers who will be in our community daily and, in the end, who will use our e-com platform and support merchants on the platform by buying their products or services with Chungalunga (CL).

Most other projects that launch in this space are not built with the essential factor of having mainstream investors in their minds. They limit themselves to the investors who spend most of their time on Telegram and are used to investing mainly in similar or identical projects.

And because of those factors, their reach and growth factor are limited.

Chungalunga deviates from the others. It’s created from the start with all the needed ingredients in its foundation for achieving our goal.

And you, magnificent Chungalunga family members, will surely add different touches to the whole idea and vision. I’m sure you have many amazing ideas about how you will make CL a new crypto sensation.

Together, you can promote it better than anyone else; you can build the most exciting hype ever.

You are the one who will be written down in history as one of the people who grew this small seed from August 2022 into one of the best-known and widely used cryptocurrencies in the world.

I admire you.

Start here:

With love,

— skool



Chungalunga coin

We are already a Top 20 project on CMC. The rest of the world just needs to catch up with that.