The Proliferation of Israel Research and Development

Research and development pertains to a series of activities conducted by a business intended to investigate and improve either a product or a procedure that is already existing or move forward to developing a new product or procedure. Companies who manufacture consumer goods are the ones that make use of research and development to advance their products. Large corporations especially pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, and technology companies usually invest on this type of project and have been reaping the benefits of a successful research and development project with gigantic advances in terms of development of new products and services.

Conversely, founders of start-up companies are always on the go to find the best research and breakthroughs for their businesses and this is where Israel research and development have been gaining momentum these days. Over the past six decades, Israel have become one of the most innovative technology centres in the world. Multinational companies have been erecting offices in the region and they continue to obtain startup corporations.

To date, there are more than 300 multinational companies seated in Israel including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intel and these tech giants have invested in Israel research and development facilities. Amazon and Apple are also said to have been developing new research and development centres in the Israel region. Many wonder what makes Israel so unique from all other countries.

Google has more than 600 engineers in their Middle East office and they are dedicated to developing some of the most important products of the company including search, maps, and live results. According to them, Israel is indeed the Startup Nation. The first Google office in Israel was built in 2006 and have made numerous investments in the state.

Facebook said the same, confirming that the engineering team of Israel have also made a number of their most recent products possible. The company is also convinced that the culture and the mentality of the Engineering team in Israel that makes foreign companies like Facebook to feel at home in there.

Intel admires how bold engineers in Israel are that they have the guts to tell them how they wrong they are doing things. Their first office was setup there 40 years ago and now operates numerous sites in different parts of the Israel region.

Microsoft have stated before that there is deep tech happening in Israel and they are keeping a lookout for startups who are willing to work with them. Israel was the first research and development setup they opened outside their main office 25 years ago.

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