A brief evaluation for the potential of Bloom

It has been a long time that I stumbled upon a very potential project. Lately, there are many ICO projects having really weak insights & ideas, or even copycats. And a bunch of lending ICO projects appear which makes it really hard to find good projects that are valuable to invest.

However, among ICO projects that bring the real value using blockchain technology, there comes few gems. Bloom is one of those, because it focuses on one of the most important fields of finance: Credit. This can be considered one of few projects that can be beneficial not only for developed countries but also for third world countries which are not familiar with credit system.

Bloom is one of very few projects that has very professional, active and highly qualified team and advisors. They don’t focus too much on marketing through regular and mass crowd. The team mostly works on their development of Bloom for long term period. More evaluation with be presented below.

But before that, I will only share briefly Bloom main functions in a simpler and easy to understand way :)

Bloom provides tokens that will be used to verify identities and scoring credits. Its purposes are almost the same as when banks evaluate your credits. But with Bloom, it decentralizes to make peer-to-peer assessment by using Ethereum and IPFS. From that, there are currently 2 possible usage of Bloom

  • Peer-to-peer lending, credit assessment, identity verification.
  • Using of Bloom Credit Card, worldwide. Means, Bloom can be used in third world countries where credit is not a familiar term and practice.

For more information about Bloom, you can read more on their website


Now, main part is here.


Bloom has strong development & advisor team

  1. They are mostly active on Slack, Reddit, Email (they answer my email in minutes :| that is what I did not expect, to be honest). And yet, they don’t really focus too much on forums like Bitcointalk. I don’t know why, but it could be because the community is full of hit & run without many serious investors (again, subjectively, my thoughts). But that is a good move, because from the insight and development plan of Bloom, they need long-term investors to build a strong ecosystem.
  2. Bloom advisor team is super active on Slack and Reddit. They almost reply 1 vs 1 with members for nearly all questions & discussion. Well, for most projects, before ICO, they are also super active, but after ICO, less and less communication will happen. I will need to see after their ICO for a few weeks. And hopefully, they are not the same as others projects, or else I will be very disappointed with a very potential project like Bloom :)
  3. Regarding to technical feedback, Bloom team shows that they do really have good understand of their own project. Because their feedbacks and answers for members are neat, consistent, knowledgeable, insightful and transparent. It is much better than some other projects when asking about the technical side, they make a super complicated and meaningless answers while not focusing on the main points.

The founder & advisor team has nice portfolios (Stanford University) and backgrounds with many successful experiences and entrepreneur projects in cryptocurrency field.

They don’t do lower tier of PR or Marketing as mentioned above

  1. They have a team of advisors that mainly dedicate for higher tier of PR through mainstream media such as Forbes, Nasdaq, Inc., etc. Even though, you can pay (a lot) to get in those popular and high profile media. But it can show that Bloom team wants to get good appearance and attention from bigger and more serious investors.
  2. I am grateful that they don’t play the game of bounty or airdrop, or else they are no different from low value projects out there. For me, I just have the feeling that the whole team want to let people know: “Let us do our main jobs and develop a good project for our and your own good. We don’t give a darn and waste our time to do those promotion like that, simple.”

As a SEO consultant & web designer, from the BRIEF LOOK at Bloom’s portal, I can say that they put A LOT of effort (and/or money) in there.

Their Whitepaper is super useful. But you will find it quite technical when reading it (I am, because my expertise is somewhat not logic or too much of financial knowledge). And this is what make me impress. The team is open and confident to offer for discussion, explanation for any critical reviews from their Whitepaper.

Their partners also come from a lot of strong projects either inside cryptocurrency or financial field. For more of their partners, please view on their website:


Last but not least, these guys are addicted to their work :D Because, as of this moment, they are ahead of their milestones. Let’s just wait for few more weeks/months to see if the team can keep the same pace like this.


Because of not widely spread to the crowd, even their members are quite large but it still seems less than low value projects out there. Therefore, Bloom’s value will not likely to skyrocket in short term. But if they can keep their milestones with all good functions of Bloom and bring more strategic partners, the value will be going up steadily and firmly.

Difficult to buy their ICO tokens, because it takes at least 2 steps

  1. Register for the general whitelist.
  2. Wait for sorting to be in the final initial whitelist.
  3. Then you can buy their token.

Well, it is understandable for Bloom’s move, because credit is a field that is very easy to do frauds. Reducing the mass crowd while focusing on real interested members is a must to maintain their value and creditability of the system.

That is all of my evaluation, if you would like to know more about Bloom project, pay a visit to their website: https://hellobloom.io/?mwr=6025-430226d6

Or if you have any question, go on their Slack channel.

Hope you can find some useful information to decide to hold Bloom tokens for your own good.

Thanks for reading.