Almost all events and almost all classes are going to the end. The last two weeks passed very fast. Every day we had a lot of work and study. In this blog I going to summarized all things what happened. First of all I want to tell about one minus which was during two weeks — it is very bed internet, especially in campus “B”. 
 So, “let’s begin from the beginning”. I’m very happy that I teach myself to wake up early in the morning, I think that is good skill. Because before ESS I woke up only after 10 pm. Also I fill that my English become better, I notice that I am understand clearly native speakers and I’m not afraid my answers. In addition to this I tried to go on tutoring so it’s really good and useful, especially I liked evening tutoring with Emily, because she also studied Theology and she gave me different advise in this aria. So in this week also started new elective and I have chosen elective about cowboy culture. It is sound very interesting. I am very like American history and it will be so interesting, because I think that cowboys in real life was not like in films, and I wanted to know more. 
 Unfortunately the third week started and I wish that the last week will be no less interesting end useful for me.

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