my life in university

i study at university a month and a half. during this time I managed to learn the location of classrooms, to attend the first seminars, to join student organizations. first, I joined lintime, student TV. first, we, the newcomers, combined in groups, assign responsibilities, and we had to make a report. we got the topic of joining the organization. others went to different topics, for example, the iPhone 7, or the 2018 world Cup. I was the editor, after i have made a video, me and our correspondent took in the main part of this organisation. the operator is not picked up, because she shot not very much, I had to work hard to the video was more less complete. at the bottom I threw the link on my first edited video. I also joined the student Council. I hope I will like to participate in promotions, engage in activities.

I was also invited to play in the group. I play guitar and in the place where we rehearse is the drums. my friends who called me, promised to teach to play drums.

the lectures are pretty boring but some are interesting. for example, the latest history lesson about the antiquity seemed very interesting to me. also in class in ethics you can find a lot of useful information.

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