How can we make more people watch conference videos?
How can we make more people watch conference videos?
Christian Heilmann

I think this is an interesting topic to discuss, but the frame here in the title provoked a really strong reaction in me. “Make people watch?” sounds far too much like forcing people to watch these presentations. “Get people to watch” would come across far better and be far more approachable.

Also, as far as the topic goes, I personally find the move to more and more video content disappointing. Transcripts and slides are great, but nothing beats a detailed write-up. Audio/video presentation requires 100% of my attention to comprehend and absorb while I can come in and out of an article as needed. From a pure bandwidth perspective, I can also read far faster than I can listen and I can skim sections that are less relevant.

With the need for full attention, I really don’t have more than a handful of hours a week to devote to video. I can read smaller chunks here and there on a far more frequent basis as well. Given those factors, it generally doesn’t make sense for to watch these video presentations unless I know they’re solving a specific problem that I couldn’t read about elsewhere. I can’t be the only one with these constraints, which is probably a substantial factor in low viewership numbers.