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Break It Down Before You Can Swallow

“person holding white and gray sketch paper” by rawpixel on Unsplash

Have you ever experienced swallowing your food without chewing? It is really tough isn’t it? It may even result you to choke on your food.

Breaking things down is a simple technique that I learn to use in every part of my life whenever I’m facing a monster task, goal or plan.

For me, I find it really helpful to set mini targets — easy yet challenging. Then when I complete my mini-target, I feel good about myself and this feeling keeps me motivated to continue pursuing another milestone.

And gradually, each tiny target get completed, until the last one is done. Then my task is completed.

Often time, we have enormous goals that seems overwhelming for us to even want to start striving towards our goal and very easily we decide not to bother — some people call it ‘denial’.

Changing your life isn’t something that happens in a few hours — it take patience and consistent actions to fulfill our desire.

Don’t expect to rush and do everything right away, instead, break it down.

One way you can do which can help you overcome any challenges along the way is to constantly focus on the thoughts of reaching your desired end result. Visualizing yourself conquering your goals — feeling and enjoying it.

This simple practice can actually connects you back to reality and show you the path you need to take towards climb your mountain ahead.

Set realistic goals

As well as doing this, it’s a great idea to break up your big goals into smaller, more manageable ones. By doing so, your goals will become less daunting and therefore much more achievable, which motivates you to start tackling it.

By setting myself the task of writing one article everyday, then day by day — bit by bit gets done. Eventually I may even have the opportunity to make a book out if it.

Without breaking the tasks down into smaller milestones, writing a book will seems too ambitious or so far off from realistic.

It’s always easy to convince yourself that you’re not good enough or you won’t make it.

“Don’t bother starting, the project is too big to even complete, you’ll most likely never finish..”

It’s vital to recognize these negative voices and as soon as they appear, diminish them.

It is also imperative that you stay away from negative, critical, judgmental and gossipy people who out you down.

If you are able to break your monster goals into simple yet challenging targets, then each step won’t seems such a mountain to climb.

And being able to accomplish the little hill you set for yourself each day, you can easily stay motivated and continue climbing up lots of hills day by day, and this mean you eventually scale the mountain you’re trying to conquer.

Life is a competition with yourself, not others. And if you want to get successful, you must make it easy for yourself.