Find And Add Value To Something Already Existed

“man holding incandescent bulb” by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

It’s a common misconception that new idea are original concept, that no one else has ever thought of .

That’s not true

This mentality cause us to feel anxious about our idea not being good enough and we start to doubt ourselves so much that in the end we decided to give up or worst, we didn’t even start.

In reality, there are more than six billion brains in the world and there are already millions of creative resources out on the web for almost every topic you could think up of.

It’s more than likely that your idea may well have come up by more than one of those brains in a similar specific thoughts before.

However, even if an idea has indeed been thought of previously, but no one executed that idea, it won’t actually have come to life.

Most ‘new ideas' are often not original. They have just been updated or refine in some clever way — probably by adding value to a certain product, improving user experience, mixing two concepts that were already existed together, etc..— so that the end results will be different from what has been created before. And what’s important to note is that — that’s what makes them 'new’.

You see, if you can tap into this amazing era’s vast resources; curating quality resources, mixing, twisting and experimenting with a few existed concepts, you may end up coming up with a 'new idea' that could change the world.

Remember: This is the period of who can curate, organise, mix and form the most creative ideas all together. It’s also about who bring it to life effeciently with a higher purpose that value add the lives of the world.

Don’t worry so much about making your idea perfect and original — Instead, you should focus on finding ways to improve the life of others. Getting your inspirations from anything, be it your daily surrounding, reading a book or from an existing product.