Get Used To It Or Get Drown By It

Chu Rui Heng
Nov 20, 2018 · 2 min read
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If you want to look for obstacles, look forward and you’ll see it. But so does opportunities!

It’s always useful to prepare your mind against some words that you’ll definitely be hearing quite often during your journey to success— whether you’re trying to get something done on your own — either your business or your ideas.

The words usually come with..


These words must be treated with the respect that deserve — which is VERY LITTLE.

You may well hear these comments from friends, relatives and colleagues — and you must be very aware of the power they wield and, crucially, Don’t take it too seriously or it may end up drowning your thoughts and block you from your path to success.

Of course, you can (and should) listen to other people’s feedback and critics, as it may give you useful insights for adjusting your strategy so that you obtain success even more quickly.

It’s important to remember that there will always be millions of reasons that people around you (that includes yourself) will come up with 'excuses' for why a new idea won’t work.

And it’s your responsibility to avoid letting these reasons dissuade you from your goals and instead focus on working out all the ways your plan can work and then go on to prove to yourself and others around you that it does work.

No matter how many setbacks or challenges you face, it’s definitely crucial that you continue to believe in yourself — and your idea — and carry on.

Keep yourself in touch with your mind. Stay away from negativity. In fact when times are hard and success looks like it’ll never happen, you must remember if you’re hearing — 'no, it’ll never work!' — first, you’re in good company, and second, you’re most certainly on the right track to success. These responses all signify that you’re starting to make something happen and only by starting will you ever succeed.

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