Take Care Of Your Health, Success Will Follow

“person holding coins” by rawpixel on Unsplash

Success comes in many forms — in our society, it’s often seen in terms of 'money’. Well, I say that’s not the whole story.

In my opinion, having ‘time’ and being ‘healthy’ is the way I use to measure success.


It’s not good to have millions in the bank if you’re dying of an incurable disease or when you’re constantly working your day to night without a break.

Of course, being rich can certainly have it’s upsides — it can alleviate some of life’s worries and allow you to choose what you want to do and get every day.

But, bear in mind that when you’re constantly working for that paycheck day after day without giving yourself a break, you may be able to earn up some extra cash but you’re also slowly losing your most valuable assets too: yourself — your health, your time.

Self love is gold — take a break

Everyone is constantly chasing their goals without bothering to stop to breathe, to relax, to care for themselves.

Without a good health, you’re losing ‘later' time to even enjoy what you’ve yield.

Successful people are master of loving themselves. They prioritize self-care and mental health.

All of us needs time away from work to rejuvenate ourselves every now and then, so its important to block off time every week for exercise, hobbies or whatever activity you enjoy.

  • Go on a short walk to break up your workday.
  • Take a longer lunch break to recharge.
  • Get coffee with a colleague who energizes you.
  • If you prefer to be alone, you may grab a book to read.
  • Take a short nap to refresh your mind.
  • Go for a swim.

However ways that can allow yourself to relax and be recharge.

As you make a constant effort to allocate free time into your schedule, it will eventually becomes part of your routine — You will keep your mind clear and your body healthy which will allow you to be efficient and productive for your up coming projects.

By being able to focus, you not only get things done, you naturally get better at what you do and with patience, success will eventually come.

It’s just the matter of ‘when’.