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To Be Successful, Be Aware Of Your Emotions

“man wearing black long-sleeved shirt” by Francisco Moreno on Unsplash
Everything we create in life start with thoughts

Our emotions control how we live and how successful we can be. If you want to be in control of your life and get more work done, you have to start to be aware of how you feel.

If you don’t, you will let your emotions control you… as you will see.

When you start worrying about something, you slowly start worrying about why you are worrying and eventually went into a state of anxiety.

Having you worry about your anxiety, and thus keep you worrying. This endless loop of negative thoughts bring no benefits to your mind and body but drained you out even more, leading you into a state of depression; tempting you into taking drugs or any form of reliefs.

It’s somehow related to you being angry, sad, nervous, etc. If you choose to let these emotions into you, you will always be living with dissatisfaction.

During your journey to success, it’s completely natural that you will go through a wide range of emotional states.

  • You’ll have setbacks that are frustrating, confusing or even depressing.
  • You’ll also have lots of winning moments that are inspiring and soul-enriching.

All these emotions are part and parcel of our lives. Only when we go through this range of emotions, we are then actually living our lives to the fullest and making the most of our valuable time.

How you deal with problems will determine how successful you are

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out from some of the common emotions that arise along with challenges during your journey.

These emotions are not beneficial for your mental well-being and if not well taken care of, it may even become a parasite that slowly eat into your path to success.

  1. Anger

2. Jealous

3. Rudeness

I like to believe that things happen for a reason, whether it’s getting rejected from a job or breaking up with a significant other. Though these experiences aren’t that positive, they make us reflect on the parts of ourselves we can work towards improving.

The fiery red

Whatever you do, no matter how much someone tries to annoy you, it’s definitely best to avoid showing your anger.

You might be boiling inside, but you must try not to show it; it’s unattractive, extremely negative and rarely productive.

We can’t necessarily control what happens, especially when a situation isn’t what we had planned or expected.

But by believing and having faith that whatever situation happen, happens for a reason, this may just reset your mind to a more helpful level and put things into perspective, allowing you to deal with the situation calmly and not make yourself a fool.

The Green-Eyed Monster

It’s natural for us — human beings — to compare. and I admit encountering multiple times. “Why don’t I have that?” And then being unhappy or resentful or worse, hoping other people fail.

Being jealous of someone else is an emotion that we’ve all felt at one time or another — I wish that I didn’t had those nasty, entitled thoughts.

I find it to be even more embarrassing because when I really think about it, I am pretty much grateful and content with what I have. Despite that, this green-eyed monster still follows me like a shadow, as it does for a lot of people.

Jealousy is a horrible yet common feeling that acts as a parasite trying to grow its way into your life. You might want something someone else has, or feel like they’re happier than you. It might seem like an uncontrollable emotion, but it’s truly not!

Putting that all aside for a second, and ask yourself if you truly want what others have.

  • Do you actually want that person’s life?
  • Do you want to be that person who wakes up early every single day to go to the gym?
  • Do you want to be that person who is fully responsible for every single decision, actively thinking and coming up with new innovative ways to sustain the company?
  • Do you want to have to be in the space they’re in?

We’ve always tried to (at least once) chase what others have, and we’ve felt inferior because we don’t have it. But have we ever stopped to think: “Are those people happy with what they have?”

Look… you’ll never know what’s in someone’s bank account and how they really feel..

Think of the pros and cons of any situation in which you find yourself jealous. Sometimes you’ll realize that not only do you not need what you’re craving for, but you don’t really even want it! That will free your mind and ease the jealous feeling.

Don’t be rude

Complaining simply wastes time if not followed by a call to action, prevents us from seeing the bigger picture of events, and for the most part, doesn’t make people feel good.

There’s a proverb that I use to think about when I find myself in a situation that might provoke rudeness or anger.

‘In an argument when two people are shouting at each other, it’s hard to make out the fool. But, when one person is shouting and the other is calm, it’s easy to make out the fool.’

From a simple argument, we can easily find out the true measure of someone. How you (and others) deal with those difficulties, will ultimately reveal the true personality of those involved.

People do business with others for two main reasons:

  1. They’re attracted by a great deal or a good price.
  2. They like the people they’re going to work with.

I believe you can think of an example in your own life when you’ve been in a situation where a certain business has offered you a better priced or more convenient service, but yet you still stay loyal to another business because you already know the people who run that business — and you like them.

Do what you say you’re going to do

This is so important. This alone will build the trust with you and your business. If you say you’ll do something, then you must do it. Never ever lie. Lying is destructive to personal and business relationships and letting people down is a form of lying.

Don’t say you’re going to do something unless you absolutely, definitely know you can and will

In fact, it’s better not to say anything when you don’t have the intention of sticking to your words. And when you go out of your way to always do what you say, your business and personal life will thrive.

Regardless of anything you might feel about yourself or anyone else, remember to love yourself. Avoid all these negative emotions as much as possible, else you’ll start to feel bad all the time and think you’re worthless compared to anyone else.

By sticking to this rule, you’ll eventually conquer your emotions and build great reputation for you and your personal branding.