Between Day and Night: Desert


Sound broke Morphey’s web before the sight. 
There were shouts and cars and insults outside, city was long ago awake, the snake speeding it’s 839 squared kilometers body, tossing three millions inside, rushing and running somewhere, pushing people in metro to enter the train, running out of the stacked bus and through the stairs to enter office, making flat reconstructions and shouting back with neighbor complaints.
Someone was drilling the wall, (the most imperfect sound to wake up possible), — neighbors from downstairs are on their flat reconstruction. Marc basically had impression, that all the neighbors are in some kind of clan “forever drill” and each of them play their part during all Marc’s life in this flat. It just seemed to never be over. Together with drill, traffic jam time was just on top of it´s performance — streets nearby were singing driver´s frustration song on it´s peak — 10 am.

There are a lot of minuses having a flat in the city center.
“Kate forgot to close the balcony again…” Mark rolled his eyes, thinking of how careless that human being is. Then eyes moved around the bed and no one was sleeping next to him till late, well, except the cat. 
No one was angrily sighing and complaining about the noise or throwing pillows in the window. Which she forgets to close herself of course, same as the balcony. Cat was sleeping in love-circle position, absolutely ignoring the outside´s world sound hysteria. It´s your problem with all rush mate, cats are not created for that.

She was not here, still.
Mark picked up the phone he fall asleep with. He unblocked it for any news — screen kept remaining empty. Sorry friend, nothing for you.

Tried to call. Of course no answer.
God damn you Kate.
Somewhere in the phone book there are numbers of her three “tribe members”, her girlfriends. Under the aim of most types of weapon Mark would never agree to recruit any of them to help, but of course this most does not apply the fear. When there is a room for speculation he mainly stays positive, but the guessing just always goes worst.
Mark left yellowish-grey window views and started to deal with “demoniac trinity”.
1) Both simcards of her classmate, and so university accomplice of all pranks named Anishka tactfully kept silent. Anishka was discreet and well-mannered, deep-read person. Mark could easily imagine her swallowing the volumes of Joyce and Tolstoy in the dark-dark library with no windows and doors. Somewhere around Transylvania.
2) Nessy, the other girlfriend, responded her phone, but it helped absolutely same much, as the previous call. This one was talking about the whereabouts of “her highness missing” so professionally and so well tangled, that there were no doubts in the end of this conversation: every single word is a lie.
3) The third number had been discovered by Mark accidentally, and it had the same name as his disappearing keeper of hidden paths and shelters — Kate. Another night without bound where Kate is, Mark heard a call from her cell, mistakenly abandoned somewhere in the hallway. Small screen flashed ”Kate”. Calling her oneself from her oneself. Of course it was her. Forgot her mobile, calling from a friend, will leave her in the morning, don’t call yourself please — Ill call you. 
Number Mark still copied. Quietly, even through he was all alone at home — like cat could catch him and get too angry that Mark does not let her walk-on-her-own… But so he had all three numbers. He never called this “number 2 Kate”, even hadn’t’s seen a glimpse — and with her his Kate disappeared quite often. And managed to escape so deftly, like a shadow on the wall — count one and she is already in the night, can not be distinguished from the dark Autumn twists by her body, and so from the evening street lights — by her eyes.

But God damn it. She should have been far long ago…
“Abonent znahodytsya za zonoyu dosyajnosti abo tymchasovo nedostupniy…”
(*Subscriber is outside of the zone or is temporarily unavailable, ukr.)

Mark buried his face in soft pillow, how does all this making any…
How easily he fell into a dream, how carefree his stories were out there, on the other side of the pillow. He could make things flow just as he wants, as long as he dares and has no fear.
On this side nothing was similar to it.


Desert looked at Mark with angry yellow eyes — “Nothing is here for you, I’m empty, I’m a desert. Go away, human” . Mark responded her softly and asked not to distract — he desperately tried to find something in here. It should be, everywhere there is a life to find. Oasis, mountains with source, something. Should be a spot somewhwere, does not matter how small it is, where he can rest, get some water and simply survive. Desert sighed with hot sands and got back to her games with winds.

Incandescent sun was sitting on Mark´s neck, walking his every step, giving it’s burning kisses. Skin became red and itchy, but sun did not want to leave him, however how many times he asked for it with poor shadows he could find. Sun was caressing his shoulders, cheeks, arms and forehead, kissing him passionately and burning him down with that love.

“There is nothing here for you” — sizzled Desert by sands.

She was not calm. She was moving, dancing by her beautiful curves. Wind was loving her, moving her body towards his. She gave up keeping attention on human.

Mark kept walking in between her lines, watching for any rock or plant sign, trying to find something in this beauty which could save him.

But there were just her yellow eyes, hot skin and fire hair. Sands were moving in a rhythm with a loving wind, making Mark fall down on every third step.

He lost part of his clothes and the heat of sand could be felt even though the ones remained.

Sun spreaded it´s burning touch all around the body, kissing head the most. Mouse got dry and cracked, Mark was not able to move his lips anymore —every word was a sore now. He stopped whispering his answers to Desert´s “nothing is for you in here”.

Eyes were also dry and tortured by a bright light. It was extremely painful to keep them open, but Mark was still watching for his green spot. And finally, he saw it! So close to him, almost here! Green speck appeared just there, on the border with a horizon, where Desert’s beautiful edge was licked by most blue winds.

Mark put his last energy together and started to run. He was jumping through the sands and falling down, but he kept the speed — he needed to get there.

Oasis started to get shape, he already saw the trees and heard water falling into vital Selva.

The lake is just there, and the shadow from banana and coco palm trees… Maybe he could even find some fruits to eat! Tropic juices almost played on Marks dried tongue, green colour went through eyes into his head. He was already so much into there.

Mark tried to move faster, but he was just falling more often. Sand was already on every part of his body and inside each piece of remaining clothes.

Here is it, almost there! Oasis kept remaining on the horizon, how long should Mark run?

Oh, how wonderful would be to have finally relief, to get so needed soothing.

The only thing that kept him moving was that idea. He made last effort and put all himself in it.

He jumped.

He made it, he reached it!!

Mark’s eyes closed and he fall down with happy smile. Desert quietly was covering him with her sands.

He was dreaming what she could not give.

She was laying down beneath, beautiful and endless, and with absolutely no place for Mark to rest or have pleasure.

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