Between Day and Night: Kat

- It does not look like a dream! You are so restless… 
- No is all good… I am sleeping.
- Somehow very active.

Mark sighed.

Bedside monsters were getting furious and stagging the bed, clinging to the body by the most uncomfortable positions and thoughts — is just impossible to lie down while they are here.

- Weaned to sleep at night, completely…

Mobile called, Kat knew for a couple of seconds before the melody played and she was finally able to jump out of the bed … Monsters howled out of the headboard, she responded them with a triumphant smile.


Went through the room faster then a flash.

Jumped outside just as she was — naked.

— Where are you going? — he asked. He didn’t like when she left bed at night, was so hard to make her just stay relaxing.
- Smoking, to the balcony
- It’s cold … Didn’t you want yourself…
She just giggled, closing the door — but not for long, coughing was now faithful companion of her leaping laughter.

- There you are! — she laughed into phone — calling me so late!
- Do you sleep?
- I would say …
- Why so?
- The scary thing — insomnia. The first nervous step to reality dreaming.
- Come with me. — the voice from another side went as warm as possible.
- I do not know, I’m tired … I need to rest
- And how is it going?
- Not much…
- Well, that’s what I’m saying!


— Come on.
 — When? After midnight ends?
 — Far after midnight
 — I probably will be awake.
 — Of course, do not fall asleep.

Balcony was surrounded by late purplish black paints, felt like it was thrown outside from one of these glasses filled with dirty water, that you need to clean after painting.

Kyiv, full moon

Sky covered by ragged blanket — small, abrupt, dark clouds. Sky is as well awake — trying to get cold moon under that blanket tatters, the winds are so rude to it’s naked body, throwing away every piece that tries to cover it...

Clouds exposing one or the other piece of the round nude light.

Just as the thoughts in my head, gathered all in one spot— and in the end are only obscurity to the concealed moon… Maybe winds should be rude.

Night was precious anyways: of all unreal, drawn, hidden. Cat’s time.

…To slip, only quiet-hush, all is good, I will sleep sometime, do not worry — anyways we are always falling asleep over same things, together, right…Is just needed to leave you know, anyways can not rest still, and so it is impossible to lie in this bed quite motionless, as if all movement suddenly ended simply because some twelve hours passed and all went dark … What a nonsense thing, no? Everything will be fine, of course I will come tomorrow, well, maybe after school, who knows what else happened to my friend, you saw — she just called.

Just slip away, very quiet, do not bother to lock the door, so even cat does not hear you. Make this little silent move, get out of the house and there will be something waiting for you. Wait for it. Step silently. Walk away, a bit more, just after your building is behind your back, slightly jump on the corner of your surroundings and look…

Here they are. Broken streets, the color of lanterns in the pools, spreading, flashing, throwing dark silhouettes of trees. And I swear — the trunks danced only a second before the passers-by would notice it — how they bend in the woods and on the wet roads, how fixed is their grace, how hard is it for them to stand so still.

Do you see?

Two hours before and it will be possible to finally fall asleep, when nothing would choke freedom and bedside monsters will hide under the headboard, like they never followed Kat.

The phone was calling for her, the screen highlighted her own name. She smiled.
- Want me to pick you up?
- I ran away from home a little bit … Let’s meet at the old city, and then decide. You see it’s full moon.
- Here is no moon visible, buildings are too high. “Ran away”? Haha, the cat!

This is why when she was going out she never locked the door.
Every time the lock clicked in Kats house— her cat ran to it instantly, and as soon as the door opened — was trying to “fly” through the stairwell. Mark normally caught animal somewhere on the sixth floor. Kate knew so badly that cat´s face expression at that moment…

And to catch Kat herself — it was the easiest here, at night, in the oldest part called Podil — probably the only place in Kiev, which was unable to be built up till suffocation. Glass-concrete curves of the hydra-metropolis only occasionally were breaking through a number of old houses. Here you can breathe deeply, even before the rain, even shivering to the bone.

Andreevskiy Uzviz scrolls to the very end of her thinking — how often she dreams over this place, if Mark only knew how many times, while he was falling into a soft bed, Kate really ran on these witch paths and magical stones.

View on Podil, Kyiv
Andriivskiy Uzviz, Kyiv

And here she is, walking the pavement, feeling the fresh night breathe filled with rain euphoria. Everything is alive, everything is excited, in waiting for something.

She got close to the Castle Hill, her magic meeting spot. Castle looked at her from it’s highness, Kate bowed to it, saying hi. Castle appreciated and got back to the city-watching from it’s royal spot. People say it was cursed, but in Kat’s personal opinion it just needed some respect and care.

— Are you here?
 — Almost, get to the top.
 — We’d better be on the lookout spot, I have lots of goodies and “interestings” on me.
- There now, flying!

There was no sign of anybody coming from down the long ascent. Kate decided just not to think about it, put her phone away and started walking up the Castle Hill.

Way to the lookout leads through this doubtful old-man-ladder, which saw much more then any man in the whole Kiev, and carried lots of these man through it’s wooden body. Ladder is coughing with centenary dust beneath the feet and is so mouldering, that Kate was afraid to break it with every step she took… Thats why it is necessary to reach the top quickly, barely touching the path.

And what a beauty is upstairs! The only thing — noone is here yet, lookout is empty.

Andriivskiy Uzviz, Kyiv

While were falling down the ashes from one-thousand-times-quitted cigarette, slowly-slowly, like is some low motion movie scene, the iron feet were approaching wet grass, one after another drawing the steel wings of the freedom beast — will bear you whenever you want.

- You fly, huh?- the pilot shouted, opening the cockpit.