Install the Vim 8.0 and YouCompleteMe with Make on CentOS 7.4

As a vimmer, I want to complete and install the Vim 7.4.1578+ at ~/.local , so than I can use the YouCompleteMe plugin on CentOS 7.4.

▲ The Vim 8.0.1522 on CentOS 7.4.1611.

Install the Vim 8.0 with Make

  1. Install the necessary package.
$ sudo yum install gcc-c++ ncurses-devel python-devel

2. Get the source code of Vim.

$ git clone

3. Go to build directory.

$ cd vim/src && git check v8.0.1522
# Use the version like my MacVim.

4. Configure it !

$ ./configure \
--disable-nls \
--enable-cscope \
--enable-gui=no \
--enable-multibyte \
--enable-pythoninterp \
--enable-rubyinterp \
--prefix=/home/jonny/.local/vim \
--with-features=huge \
--with-python-config-dir=/usr/lib/python2.7/config \
--with-tlib=ncurses \
  • --prefix: For local user, not effect other users.
  • --with-python-config-dir: For support the YouCompleteMe plugin.
  • I remove --enable-perlinterp args, because it will build fail, and I don’t need write the perl script.

5. Compile and install the Vim.

$ make && make install

6. Add ~/.local/vim/bin/ into $PATH.

$ vim ~/.bashrc
if [ -d "$HOME/.local/vim/bin/" ] ; then

7. Reload the bashrc.

source ~/.bashrc

Install the YouCompleteMe plugin

  1. Install the necessary package.
$ sudo yum install gcc-c++ cmake python-devel

2. Get the YouCompleteMe plugin.

$ mkdir ~/.vim/bundle && \
git clone \

3. Compile and install the YouCompleteMe.

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe && python ./

Enjoy it.

By the way, I use the dein.vim to manage my vim plugins, you can see more detail at .


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