The DevOps workshop of 《The Phoenix Project》

I went to The Phoenix Project workshop on 2017/09/01, it is sponsored by the IBPA (International Best Practice Management Alliance) and iThome, it also is a game with Agile and DevOps specialist !

I very like “The Phoenix Project” book, and I want to find the answer like what is the unicorn team in this workshop.

▲ The DevOps sandbox game of the Phoenix project.

Before we start, I see a special edition of The Phoenix Project.

▲ The appendix adds a chapter about the sandbox game.

Thanks for team, we get the better in the sandbox game. I did’t expect the final bottleneck is not in a variety of card combinations, but in the “visual kanban”.

Maybe, we are the lack of such a large kanban and large discuss of regardless the job description, so we can’t play to the extreme of Agile and DevOps in the enterprise.

▲ I heard the stock over $50, we can play the hidden fifth round !

My experience:

  1. The work should not be divided the positions, it should be carried out by the function.
  2. The work should according to the most important goals to decide the direction.
  3. When a team has consensus and will continuous improvement, it is a “unicorn team” !

If you want to see more detail about my experience, you can see this post.

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Enjoy it.