TV Show: What to Watch Update (Jan to June 2017 Edition)

I must confess I haven’t read a paperback in a very long time but I do catch up on the latest fiction on my Kindle Paperwhite. Working for an entertainment startup also reduced my reading time and increased my TV content watch time instead. We are halfway through the year as well. So, here are my top TV show recommendations based on current affairs and what I found very informative.

1: Big Little Liars (Mini-Series)

Big Little Lies: HBO

The show provides a very raw perspective and story-telling of domestic violence in a marriage. If you haven’t read the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, you will never guess what happens till the very end. Great acting by the show-runners Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz. I am pretty sure, Reese and Nicole will receive Emmy & Golden Globe nods for their roles in the TV show.

2. Silicon Valley (Season 1-4)

Silicon Valley: HBO

The boys from Pied Piper are back and it provides a stark contrast to the recent events in Silicon Valley. Watch it for the satire, stay for the acting by Gilfoyle and Jared. Season 4 just concluded, so you can binge watch it till the next season arrives in April 2018.

3. American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story (Documentary)

Have you ever wondered how Hugh Hefner built one of the largest publishing empires on the planet and not to mention the Playboy magazine? The documentary provides a great analysis of how Hugh did it.

4. Genius by National Geographic (Mini-Series)

Genius is a mini series that paints a very bleak picture about Albert Einstein’s personal and public life charting from school life to his academic career at Princeton University. Kudos to the provocative portrayal by Geoffery Rush (the tutor from King’s Speech) Come for Albert Einstein, stay for Mileva Maric.

5. The Good Fight (Season 1)

If you love legal drama, The Good Fight is the best legal show there is with the mens rea to entertain. Starting with the inauguration of President Trump, you find Christine Baranski trying to rebuild her life and career after a massive Ponzi scheme that she fell into by a dear friend. You don’t have to watch the prequel show; The Good Wife. It’s a great show on its own. Catch up with Season 1 now.

6. The Magicians (Season 2)

Harry Potter for adults. Based on Lev Grossman’s trilogy, it’s a dramedy of sorts. Lot of Tumblr quotes, plenty of diverse acting by people of colour, wisecracks and action. Catch up with Season 1 & 2 before Season 3 rolls out in February 2018.

7. Planet of the Apps (Season 1)

Planet of the Apps is an American reality television show broadcast on Apple Music. On each of the episode, software makers have 60 seconds to pitch their idea in front of the judges (Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuk) on a slow-moving escalator — for a visual idea of an ‘elevator pitch’. Apple says new episodes will be released on Tuesdays, with the first series set to be 10 episodes long.

Honourable Mentions (The below are 1 Season Shows that will be renewed for Season 2 much later)

  1. The Grand Tour
  2. The Young Pope
  3. Riverdale (it’s nothing like Archie comics)
  4. Dear White People (Netflix)
  5. Legion
  6. SS-GB
  7. Sneaky Pete (Fans of Breaking Bad, you will love this)
  8. Westworld
  9. Black Mirror (Season 3)
  10. The Man in the High Castle (based on the Philip K. Dick novel)
  11. The Girlfriend Experience
  12. Taboo

TV Shows that you can miss:

  1. Prison Break
  2. House of Cards
  3. Designated Survivor
  4. Powerless
  5. Chance