Best thing to happen — breakup

Does this make me a sad person or a happy person, that with just a few months of break up, I am actually thankful for it. Its not that after leaving an abusive relation with a narcissistic guy, I found myself in the arms of a loving caring prince, but the truth is I found myself.

2 months ago, I realized I was alone in a new city, with no friends, an alien place, and i had made all those changes for the douchebag who was hopelessly in love with another woman. Who cared little if i died, but just wanted to made sure, that before I pass out, I do cook meals for his cousin family coming the next day.

Leave all that, the fault was mine that I kept my happiness and well being as hostage to someone else. Why did I bother that he did not care for my well being, when I myself did not. Instead of taking rest, I was slaving in the kitchen begging him to help while he was busy binge watching netflix. He wasn’t the lazy guy, he helps everyone, but in my case he secretly hoped I die, but when I didnt stop to take care of myself, why should i blame other person, even if your life partner to worry about your pain.

I have time to meet my friends. I did love meeting his friends because that was the only time he treated me with respect out of pretence. I can go to gym, I can cook and do things the way I want, attend lectures take courses, its like a fresh breath of life. I was free before, and then I tied myself up in his shackles.

I really thank him for all the pain and scar he gave me. He taught me the valuable lesson of what all not to look for in a guy, and how not to let myself be treated like shit anymore