What the new kid at the office teach me about motivation

This is just a short but deeply reflection about motivation at work.

Last month a new kid was hired at the office for working with my team as a software developer, he is a young full of energy and motivation with a lot of willing to share knowledge and add value to the organization.

His energy made me realize of 2 important things that I was missing because of the routine and personal worries. They may be very trivial, but definitely can make a difference between being a happy or miserable employee and also using motivation to become a better and more successful professional.

1.- Motivation comes from the inside

Sometimes day to day routine and monotony can be very stressing, it might cloud your visibility and motivation can split away when your are not in the correct mood.

Still, it does not matter how hard, bored or stressing your days be, your motivation is your own responsibility, and you should be conscious of that.

What I saw in this new kid was that he really enjoyed all the programming process so when something didn’t go well, it was not such a big deal, he knew he could always keeo on improving.

2.- No one but you is responsible for your success

Success is a very ambiguous word and a very important one. Unfortunately, we tend to size people for what their jobs or their degrees, but what success really means is what is worth to you, where you want to be, what you want to achieve or where you want to go.

From that point of view, success becomes your entire responsibility and is very important you put all the effort needed to achieve what you want. You have to realize that failure is not wrong. In fact you can learn a lot from those experiences to become better.

What I could see from this kid is that he never got disappointed from what he did, even when he had things to improve, so that teach me to keep focus no matter what happens on the outside.

About me:

Software Engineer, founder of Codesolt. Currently, Software Architect at Totalplay.