Why I moved to Guadalajara?

Guadalajara’s Cathedral at night

Recently, I moved to Guadalajara, a smaller city than Mexico City with much less population and at 6 hours drive away from home, in order to take a job opportunity.

So, why would I do that?

First, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each city.

About Mexico City

I have lived in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, for almost 26 years. I went to the best university in the country (UNAM) for studying Software Engineering and have worked at some of the biggest companies established there, such as Scotiabank, Avon and Grupo Salinas.

Mexico City, is one of the biggest financial capitals and technology hubs in LATAM and it also is the city that has the highest number of job opportunities in the country. It is one of the most visited cities in the world and probably the most beautiful city of the country to be at due to it’s historical relevance, architecture, interesting places to visit and cultural events.

But, it has the worst traffic jams and the highest population in the country and it is probably one of the most polluted ones. Moreover, since it’s too crowded the job opportunities will definitely low their salaries and the working hours are very long.

About Guadalajara

Over the last three decades, Guadalajara has become one of the biggest tech players in the country since some of the most important companies of the world in this area have came to the region and establish their development and manufacture centers.

It is also, one of the Mexican cities that has the most cultural and professional public events such as Campus Party, Talent Land and the FIL, along with some of the best Universities in the country like UDG, EGADE and ITESO, just to mention a few. In fact, Guadalajara is considered the Mexican Silicon Valley.

It has also become one of the most important centers for Startups in the country, thanks to the new angel investment firms that have came to the city. Finally, the price of renting and buying a house or apartment here is much lower than in Mexico City.

Some of the bad things about Guadalajara are that people here are much more calmed and even it’s something very good since they don’t have much stress, they do attend a little slower at restaurants than in Mexico City, for example. Another bad thing is that there is a lot of traffic jams, as well. Of course it’s nothing compared to the traffic at Mexico City but you do will be stocked for around 30 min when traveling long distances.

Finally, you won’t find as much job opportunities as in Mexico City outside tech areas. Still, they are not as bad things, considering the benefits of living here.

¿Was the job offer too good to change cities?

Finally, let’s take a look at what made me decide to leave home.

Working for a tech giant

I was offered a great opportunity to work for the computer giant HPE, through the Mexican software company Softtek as a Java developer expert, this job was very convenient for me not only in terms of salary and benefits but also in terms of professional and personal growth.

The opportunity to work with one of the most valuable tech players in the world, the chance of living by my own and the possibility to have more time for writing and teaching, was definitely worth it.

Additionally, the HPE offices at Guadalajara are huge and beautiful. I never had worked in such an amazing campus.


What I expect from this change is:

  1. To learn a lot from HPE processes and to use my skills and knowledge to improve products and innovate on software solutions so that I be able to grow within the company.
  2. Make a master’s degree in Computer Science and become fluent in french (I enrolled in frech classes, already) by assisting at one of the great Universities of the region.
  3. Become a relevant member of the Software community by providing useful information for developers via my blog, Codesolt, and by giving conferences at programming events.

I want to seize this written space to thank Softtek and HPE (DXC) for the amazing opportunity they gave me, it’s improving already my professional career. And they have also made me feel at home.

Will see what happen in the future but right now I am very happy with all this changes.

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