¿Why learning a 3th language?

Speaking a foreign language is a basic skill for today’s world. There are many international businesses that have operations and employees in more than one country, so we have to communicate with people from other parts of the world. Currently, most of professionals speak 2 languages at most and this is such a big issue.

When finding a job, being fluent at another language may determine whether or not one gets hired. As professionals, we have to take care of this so we be more valuable to that great enterprises we want to get in.

I have seen a lot of doors get opened to me only by having a good domain of English. It has allowed me to get involved with great projects and learning a lot from other cultures. But I have also seen how skilled and experienced people does not gets a salary rises or ascents because of the lack of a fluent English or French, for example.

So, ¿what about a 3th language? Having a skilled 3th language will be an amazing characteristic for you because it not only tells that you are smart enough to speak in 3 idioms but also that you care about your self-improvement. It will tell people how compromised you are with your career and your feature. It will also tell people about your dedication and of course it will give you an advantage of communication.

In my opinion the best options to learn are always the language that most people speaks in the world, like Spanish. But you can definitely choose any language you like. With time, you will notice how you to communicate faster and more effectively when you travel.

So go ahead, knowledge is waiting for you, invest on your education and ensure a bright future for your professional self.

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