Why you should invest on Ruby on Rails?

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These days, modern languages ​​have exponentially gained ground in the software industry. Corporate industry and startups are increasingly relying on open source projects, in frameworks that the community maintains and in solutions that use open standards. A great example of this is Docker, Python, Linux, Javascript, etc. huge projects that are maintained for a huge community of developers around the world and updated continuously, so that they become very stable, safe and efficient technologies. One of these major projects is Ruby along with the most relevant framework of its ecosystem , called Ruby on Rails , together (language and framework) have made possible projects like Twitter or Github, here are some of the reasons why it is excellent to invest on Ruby on Rails.

Readability, simplicity and elegance

The Ruby programming language is recognized as one of the languages with the cleanest syntax of all. As to avoid using commas and brackets, so it makes programming the experience easier and more intuitive. Moreover the maintenance and modification of the code becomes much simpler thanks to the clear and precise syntax that makes almost anyone, even people outside the technology, understand what a Ruby program does. This is very important because it not only helps us to learn and handle it more easily, but also saves us many hours in front of computer when working on large projects.

Standards that will optimize your time
Ruby on Rails is a framework that seeks “convention over configuration” which means that the developer will avoid all the beginning configuration and will use the most common configuration in the software industry. This not only saves us a lot of headaches and time, but allows the developer to focus on the product, on improve the user's experience, or reviewing issues and performance optimization. Ruby on Rails also implements standards that allow the developer to optimize code and reuse it. Furthermore Ruby on Rails has an ORM (Object Relational Model) that allow us to interact with databases on a simple and efficient way without using SQL and regardless of the database engine.

Packages manager

Packages management (import and manage external third-party libraries from a official CDN) within professional software projects is an essential task in the daily life of a developer because it involves not only the import of the libraries but the constant updating of it, the organization of code and the automation of these tasks. For all these matters exists Ruby Gems that enables us through an API that is invoked by the terminal, allow us to download and install gems (Ruby libraries) in our project easily and automatically.

Management execution environments
On the other hand, having separate environments for each of our projects allows us to ensure that each of them will run the same way every time, regardless of the configuration or the operating system. Ruby has RVM, which is the short for Ruby Version Manager, this tool allow us, through simple commands via terminal, manage all of these tasks for us. Which is very convenient for both our local environments and production deployments.

One of the most important frameworks in the world of startups
Ruby on Rails is not just a framework that allows us to build large projects, optimizing our time and allowing us to focus on our code, Ruby on Rails is also highly trusted by large and successful startups around the world, which started their projects in this framework and currently are still using it along with other technologies. Some of the most important and amazing companies using Ruby on Rails are:
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 We Heart It

Among many other companies such important as the ones mentioned above. My point here is, if these so successful startups trust and use Ruby on Rails, the framework is ready for any web project you want to build and has enough power to scale up wherever you want.

High salary
Ruby on Rails is considered one of the best paid technologies in the software industry, since it is used by major companies and startups. However despite the developer community of Ruby and Ruby on Rails is very large, there is still a lack of Ruby on Rails developers in the industry. Highly skilled developers in this technology are highly sought. It is true that there is much less offers than in other languages such as PHP or Java, but I think the opportunities available are enough and they can take you to another country or to one of the most amazing companies in the world in terms of Software.

Free hosting
Ruby on Rails is a framework that is compatible with many cloud platforms, such as AWS, Openshift, Heroku, Digital Ocean and a few traditional hosting companies. This not only allows us to upload great applications to world-class servers for your startup or project and gradually scale them, but also let us experiment with them, as almost any of them have a trial version or free version under certain restrictions, allowing us to use the platform without any kind of commitment.

In conclusion Ruby and Ruby on Rails are technologies that are growing fast, motivating a whole community of developers and revolutionizing the industry of startups, it is a very good bet to learn Rails for new developers and experts as well. Certainly learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails will bring good benefits to short and long term. Remember that you can learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails on our Codesolt on Rails page:


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