You don’t have to be an entrepreneur

Carlos E. Salazar
Nov 8, 2016 · 2 min read

Nowadays, technology communities empowers young engineers, designers, marketers and managers to be entrepreneurs and have their own start-up, this creates such a good environment for professionals to develop their soft and business skills along, but the pressure they have on them now to be nothing but entrepreneurs is very big, as well.

In my opinion, young professionals does not have to be entrepreneurs necessarily. In fact they can develop their skills, be innovative, have professional growth, add value to a product or an organization and even have amazing salaries without having any entrepreneurship. Moreover, the percentage of start-ups that fail is huge and it’s natural that not all start-ups, ideas, business models or technology implementations be as disruptive as the great products (like Facebook, Uber, Spotify, etc) have been.

Besides, there’s an amazingly big bunch of opportunities at academia, development, corporates, teaching or even freelance, that has to be taken by high qualified professionals. The punch line is: you do not have to necessarily be an entrepreneur to be successful, disruptive and innovative. In fact the personal and professional rewards you can get outside the start-ups world are amazing too, it is just a matter of focus and perspective.

The start-up world is not the only place you can have a global impact or even change the world.

Finally, I just want to make clear that start-up world is amazing I am a big fan of it and have been part of some entrepreneurship teams. I definitely think it is a great place to work at. But this post is to put on the table the fact that if a young professional decides to not be part of this, is just fine and she/he can still be very important and be able to change for good other people’s life. It’s up to each one’s decision.

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