The journey and the end

I kinda know what I will end up doing in the future. I’m prophetic and I’ve experienced a lot of things that I just knew were part of my design. Let’s say it’s my calling. My destiny. It’s nice to discover what I’m supposed to do in life when a lot of people never do until the day they die.

This knowing has caused me to make choices that are in line with my “future” design. The place where I am in, the people I hang out with, the things that I learn and even the partner that I’m supposed to have. All these things go through the sieve of that knowledge, that calling. It has spared me a lot of pain.

But also because of this “knowledge”, I’ve experienced so many heartaches, fights and mistakes. Many things done before I was ready to do them. When one sees something in the future and it’s just so real, it is actually very painful to know that in the now, you are not yet able to do what you have been born to do. It’s like a baby that can’t stand up or walk yet, it just ends up crying in frustration.

A wise man would always say to me, “You are not yet the person who will fulfill that dream.” The character couldn’t yet hold the destiny.

That’s where the fight is.

In this fast food era, and considering that I’m part of the millenial generation where everything is quick and easy, the waiting and the forming are very frustrating.

At times, I would just want to give up the fight because the future just seems impossible but then again, I ask myself “Why do I exist?” “What was I born for?”

When you’ve tasted what’s real, when you’ve seen a glimpse of the future, mediocrity can never be an option. It’s just like committing suicide.

I don’t know. Say a prayer to God for me that I won’t give up.

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