Whispers in the dark

I wrote this in 2011, but this seems really appropriate now.

— — —

suddenly, Egypt becomes very attractive.
its smells, its food, its sights and sounds beckon me.
come stay, i will give you all that you desire
this is the most comfortable place for you to be in
there is no need to die, there is no need to leave
i will be good to you, you will live and prosper here.

suddenly, the dreams of the land of milk and honey
seem so far and bleak.

but i know it too well. the urging of the Holy
Presence within me bears witness of the days
when the sky was clear and Words were spoken
of promises made and altars built.
It is real. It is real. It is real.

all this fleeting loveliness will fade
and dying in Christ is the only death that brings peace
and may it be the death that i choose
and may it be the only love that i will embrace

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