More conversations,
Fewer posts,
More phonecalls,
Fewer voicenotes,
More written thoughts,
Less false hope,
From streams and timelines,
Behind walled hosts,
More positive declerations,
Fewer searches for validation,
From red ticks, 
head down,
looking at,
push notifications,
More pushing towards my goals,
Fewer self-doubts,
More speaking into existence,
About the things,
I can’t do without,
Like my brilliance of mind,
In a confident state of find,
The clock is ticking,
I’m not running out of time,
Just a lack of acting now,
To make the future bright,
Away from the dark shadows,
Down the old streets,
I used to roam,
I wasn’t built in a day,
Or designed this way,
I’m working to be more social,
Become my own,
Agency of change,
So pull up a seat,
Have a drink,
And let’s have a conversation,
Because the media that I see,
Across the platforms,
That I be,
Are just a virtual sensation,
A block of chains,
In the currency of self,
Distracting to the destruction,
Of my mental health.

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