The Booster function on the Induction Cooker: Should be used regularly?

Today, some high-end Induction cookers are equipped with the Booster function, which is considered to have many benefits when used. However, the truth is, so many studies have shown that the Booster function also has the left side that causes us to come up with a balance between the gain and the harm.

What is the Booster function???

Normally, with current induction cookers, the rated power of a cooking zone can only be from 1,000W to 2,000W. Some high end cookers like Capri can achieve higher rated power, but only from 3,000W to 4,500W, the higher the power, the faster the heat and therefore the shorter the cooking time.

However, with many busy people trying to quickly make a few dishes to be able to resume their work, of course, they want the kitchen that they are using can achieve higher capacity. so With the conventional kitchen, this is not possible, but with some high class cookware like Capri or Grasso … equipped with the Booster function, it is possible to do this.

The booster function on the induction cookers is simply understood as the user-assisted function which pushes the capacity of the stove up quickly and exceeds the rated power by 1.5 times. For example, normally when we increase the power from 200W to the rated power of 2,000W, we must go through the power levels of 400W, 800W, 1600W … and then reach 2.000W, but when using the function Booster, once hit, the power can reach 3,000W with the time reduced to 50%. Therefore, the Booster function is also called super-speed cooking or superheat cooking on the kitchen.

The Booster function is on Capri induction cooker

Benefit of the Booster function

Thanks to superheat, the Booster function helps to shorten the cooking time. This is really useful in case you need to boil water to cook soup or boil vegetables.

At the same time, according to experts, reduced cooking time means that the percentage of vitamins and nutrients in food is retained more. Therefore, with the dishes need to use high heat with fast cooking time as the steamed, fried dishes … the Booster function not only help you cook better food but also maintain the nutritional value Its inherent.

The Booster function help cooking faster

How to use the Booster function

Thanks to modern technology, the induction cookers from the high level with built-in Booster optimization function designed to help you use this function easily. On the touch panel of these cookers there is a “P” or “b” symbol, just touch the Booster button, touch it again, or press the temperature drop to turn it off

The symbol of the Booster function is on Capri induction cooker

Actually, the Booster mode only lasts for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the induction cooker and then automatically lower its power, because speeding up the power to the maximum, the peak temperature will activate the auto stop function when overheating. . At the same time, when Booster mode is enabled in this cooking area, the other cooking zone is not cooked or use only low-power cooking (this is a self-leveling feature for safety).

Generally, these built-in cookers come with Inverter technology — frequency sensing technology that maximizes and controls the power of the device to avoid wasting energy in the device. The basic principle is to control the frequency (Hz) of oscillation (increase or decrease) in the circuit board of the electrical appliance. Combining these two features makes your kitchen not only well controlled. Maximum capacity but also helps maintain stable small capacity when processing the stew, storage, heating, … help to cook faster and save power.

The Booster function should be used regularly?

We can not deny the benefits of using the Booster function, however, the fact is that overuse of this function will reduce the life of the stove by causing the stove to suffer from thermal shock, short circuit cause by sudden increase in voltage and make other components to malfunction.

Therefore, you should note:
- Avoid using the Booster function for too long
- Avoid using the Booster function too many times (only use when really needed)
- When booster mode is turn on in this cooking zone, the other cooking zone, if used, must be within the permitted level, ie the total capacity of the two cooking zones must not exceed the total rated power of the induction cooker.

Finally, “The user’s using affects the life of the product”, want to make long lasting use of any device, you first have to know how to choose genuine products, quality. At the same time, the experience of using and preserving helps you maximize the benefits of the features as well as extend the life of the device, helping to save money for your family.

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