Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]


Shut the fuck up Hillary and Bill. Bill you are a disgusting man whore who has done nothing but look for who you can stick your dick in next and Hillary is such a narcissist she put up with this all her freakin life just to get what she wants. Nothing would have been worth it for most women. They would have dumped his nasty ass long ago.

Hillary you really lie every time you open your mouth don’t you? Wow! It’s amazing how you do that!!! I hate fucking liars more than anything else in my life! You can’t be trusted to run this country, no way, you have just lied, cheated, deceived and even stolen much and that should disqualify you period. I remember the sniper fire you endured when your plane landed~~ oh wait that was a lie. I remember your story about the video and how it caused Americans to die in Bengazi~~~oh wait that was a lie. I remember you telling all Americans that they could all get the health care they deserved (along with Obama) ~~~oh wait that was a lie. And you say you have a foundation that was formed for the purpose of being a non-profit to help others~~~~oh wait that is a lie! You are a lying dog and every dog has their day and yours is coming!!! Karma is a bitch and so are you! I will bake a cake when your day gets here, and celebrate your demise. Yes I will!!! Because you deserve every nasty thing that comes your way for all the crap you put upon others throughout your miserable life. So fuck Hillary and Bill!!!

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