Hi, Good looking article.
Dan Brosco

Hi Dan,

First error is because you need to import App.Router.Helpers in App.Web module which is used by views. Not sure if it was imported by default in some Phoenix version or I just forgot to explicitly write about it, however this is easy to fix. You can take a look at complete web.ex module here: https://github.com/chvanikoff/reph/blob/master/web/web.ex#L52

The second error is in std_json_io app and it’s not an error actually, just a warning. But if you are concerned about getting rid of these annoying warnings, you can use my fork of the app, which have the warnings fixed as well as a patch for large React outputs (original std_json_io app can’t handle React output larger than 65536 bytes). The fork can be found here: https://github.com/chvanikoff/std_json_io

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