4 SEO Disasters That You Should Avoid

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Aug 7 · 2 min read

SEO, as we all know, is an integral process in the era of digital marketing. It is employed by most firms to reach out to more customers and draw them towards opting for their offerings. It is absolutely essential that you optimize your website so that you yield a multitude of benefitting result.

But remember one thing, if not done right, the same thing can potentially ruin everything that you have built. It can wreak havoc on your business website. There are some aspects of SEO that every business should stay away from, as they may lead to disasters! Check them out below.

Avoid these to enjoy better SEO results

Keyword stuffing

This was the most common practice 10 years ago but is now completely abolished! Stuffing your website content or article with hundreds of keywords worked before, but now it is strictly avoided. It would just do the opposite of what you intend to do! So, every firm tries to avoid keyword stuffing and for the best results, leave the work on the hands of the responsible SEO firms.

CH Web Media is a popular name when it comes to the expert Bay Area SEO services.

Poor meta descriptions

Marketers most often tend to overlook the importance of meta descriptions as well as tags. They are there for a reason. They are specially designed for informing Google about your content. It explains to the visitors as well as the search engine about the gist of your site. So, you need to make them as informative as possible. Also, try to incorporate appealing tags as well as titles.

If it’s too difficult a job for you, then the top Bay Area SEO services are always at your disposal!

No-follow issue

A massive chunk of online businesses is still oblivious as to how to utilize the no-follow feature. This can horribly damage their SEO campaign. This feature is crucial to tell google crawler which links need not be followed. As a consequence, Google would not follow that link and keep the website unassociated with it.

Not developing helpful content

Not being able to develop good content is a serious problem. Search engines crawl the content through search spiders and store the information in their database for future usage. So, irrelevant or lousy content will harm your website. Content also helps with ranking because the text is what Google needs

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