5 Big Graphic Design Trends to Look Out for

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Aug 9 · 3 min read

Graphic design is quite strange: It’s built on constants the complementary nature of colors, the inherent appeal of compositions and still, it is also always changing! Whether it is due to generational shifts or the introduction of new technologies, every year brings fresh design trends that all brands should be aware of.

It is of utmost importance that brands check out those trends and adopt the best ones suitable for their business. So, what’s trending this year? Which latest approaches have made it to the mainstream? It’s mid-2019, and brands that have not yet checked out the top Graphic Design trends should start going through them immediately!

This has presented them elaborately below.

The biggest graphic design trends that brands should watch out for in 2019

Vibrant but mellow colors

This year a lot more emphasis is given on vibrant yet mellow colors and the living coral serves to be a great example of this. This has served as a great reminder for designers that a few colors can offer a bit of extra uplift without overpowering. This trend is being readily followed by the top graphic design companies in the Bay Area.

Decorative typography

Over the last few years, the clean and clear sans-serif font has become dominant both online as well as offline. Although this has been great for readability, it also means that typography has become a bit boring. But luckily, things seem to be taking a fresher turn. Designers have been increasingly using non-standard fonts to make their work stand out.

This is the step that is been taken by the most famous graphic design companies in the Bay Area. Decorative typography is an excellent trend and other brands should follow it immensely.


Gradients are nothing new. Tech firms widely adopted them some years back and have been slowly moving into the mainstream since then. It does not look this will be the year that their popularity eventually fades out. If anything, the use of gradients is expanding even more widely. And this makes them one of the most popular graphic design trends of 2019!

A lot of graphic designers are using them unhesitatingly to get the best results. These trends will enable them to produce noteworthy works for their customers.

Flat design mixed with real-life objects

This is another interesting combination; flat-design with real-life objects. Each element separately is nothing new. The flat design has been prevalent for many years now and real-life objects have been part of designing for a long time too. The freshness lies in mixing them in a way that makes the design feel alive and appears like three-dimensional.


When it comes to movement, designers earlier used to dominate it with animation/video or had a static page. But this is changing now. It is now possible to add a touch of movement, maybe to a specific element or a background that entices the eye without overwhelming.

Top graphic design businesses like CH Web Media follow these trends.

CH Web Media

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CH Web Media is one of the prominent IT service providing companies in the Bay Area.

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