First, let me say thanks to mpdonadio for his tweet which helped me out of a composer ditch I couldn’t possibly get out of myself and to mixologic who provided some astonishing insight into this craziness.

So I am testing the login flow for https://community.smartsheet.com . It might seem too specific but trust me, there’ll be a lot of info here which will be useful for a lot of testing scenarios. …

In 2018 September I reached out to the Drupal Community Working Group (CWG) with the intent to contribute again. Not chx again I can almost hear some people groan and they are right: the plan is to have a new account (planned username: Charlie “ChX” Negyesi) and a clear break from the past. As you know from my previous post I much more understand now how our words matter. I wish I saw all this so much earlier, I truly am sorry for all the strife I caused.

I feel I need to give you a little personal background: I attended the first DrupalCon (wasn’t even called that) in Antwerp in 2005 on borrowed money and couchsurfing as I had no money at the time. By 2009, on the back of working with Drupal, I was able to immigrate to Vancouver and purchase my dream apartment. Just four years. In another four years, by 2013, Drupal 8 was under way and it was a lot of change compared to what has brought me great fortune and a lot of fame to Drupal itself and so I resisted the change. Vehemently. I got really bitter and angry and then the bitterness has overflown and the anger has bursted and I rightly got banned from all Drupal before another four years has passed (2016 Nov). …

I think the Extended security coverage for Drupal 8 minor releases is just not getting enough attention. This is truly a watershed moment, one that plays into the decision whether a site/organization should use Drupal or not. …

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