A changing economy

The world is changing, and whether we like it or not, Nigeria is changing with it. I’m currently reading a very interesting book, Sapiens. You should read it too.

The book traces the evolution of humanity from hunter-gatherers, to what it first called the Cognitive Revolution, to the Agricultural Revolution, to the Unification of Humankind, and then to the Scientific Revolution. While I may not necessarily agree with all of Prof. Harari’s theories, it certainly makes for interesting reading.

It certainly makes for the point that humanity is constantly evolving, and those who have looked into the future, and position, are those who take advantage of the coming changes, and survive.

Yesterday, Theresa May in the UK talked about helping gig economy workers. Two things come out of this — what is gig economy? And what are we doing here, about this gig economy thing?

The gig economy, is basically a situation where people take on short term jobs, execute, deliver, and move on. It is becoming increasingly commonplace in Nigeria. But is the Nigerian government preparing for it?

I talk about this on Financial Nigeria this month…