Selling means the Government is finally out of the active oil business, and became a passive receiver of revenues….
Yes, Sell the Assets…
Financial Planning

Ever since this idea was mooted, I called it bullshit. We do not need to sell assets.

Twelve years ago, Nigeria embarked on a round of privatisations of key national assets. Tell me which of them have been profitable since then?

On the other hand, in earlier history, we saw the way to go. Rather than just stone NITEL as the BPE thing ended up doing with NEPA, ALSCON, Daily Times, et al, the government liberalised the telecoms sector.

We are all living witnesses to the success of that move.

My opinion is that given our proclivities, if we really want to change the conversation, then we should open up Nigeria’s environment to real competition.

Don’t just sell and create private monopolies which will be just as inefficient. Let’s ive serious people a chance to set up their own from scratch and watch us reach for the sky.

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