We need an economic team that truly understands economics, not people that are wired to spend.
Buhariconomics : Walking in a land without floors

I beg to differ. As much as they appear ineffectual, I can assure you that the Osinbajos, Udomas and Adeosuns of this world are actually competent. The problem is that they don’t have the strength of character of some of their predecessors to tell their political principal that what he is doing will land us into the abyss, scratch that, dig us deeper into the abyss. That’s the problem. Political will to make the hard decisions.

Unfortunately, this lack of will is already manifesting in other areas. Job losses are at record levels. As a matter of fact, the worst thing to happen to you now is to lose your job as the chances of getting another are almost nil. The effect of that is a saturated job market, and the attendant frustrations. Those at the lower end of society will sooner turn to petty crime, putting those at the higher end at risk. Some of our best and brightest will, in their turn, decide that the best solution for them is to cut out, accelerating a brain drain that has been steadily gathering momentum over the last three years.

I think that ultimately, the scales will fall from the eyes of even Daddy Bubu. The only question is when will they fall off? And if they finally fall off, will it be too late to trace our steps back?

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