Letter to fencists

Dear Fencist,

On a consistent basis over the last year and half, your hard earned reputation for objectivity has been translated to mean that you support corruption. Since the attack on the judiciary last October, this form of attack has been ratcheted up despite its flying in the face of facts.

It can be disheartening, I know. But consider the facts — the direction the “anti-corruption war” has taken, especially as it has now solidly entered the realms of comedy, is vindication. The official organs have graduated from attaching names to money finds in soakaway pits, to simply finding huge amounts, in empty houses. Please feel free to ask them to make announcements when they successfully prosecute a big fish. When they throw Ngilari in your face, remind them that Juventus do not throw a party when they beat Ipswich, that’s what Arsenal does.

Then finally, remind them that within the last week, they have choked on four major cases, all thrown out because of incompetent prosecution. Then remind them, that in the same time period, real life issues have happened. While we were all talking about a non-existent $500 billion oil field, then dancing to pictures of dollars in Osborne, we should not forget Budget 2017. We should not forget that the national grid has collapsed, yet again. Finally, we should not forget that our President abruptly failed to show up at the FEC meeting yesterday. These, are real issues. But maybe they are too boring ja?

Keep the flag flying despite the taunts of people who praised you for your objectivity two years ago. It’s a hard thing to do. But it’s the path you have chosen.