Normally I don’t do celebrity stuff, I find it very boring. But after the wife gave me a full update of this Tiwa/Tunji business, maybe I’ll start looking at these people a bit more. They provide good distraction from the drama that is Nigeria.

On the particular issue under discussion, both of them clearly have issues that need sorting, and while I believe that marriage is sacrosanct, maybe they’ve crossed the Rubicon. I can’t really be angry at the female. Her husband went public first, and as well as making grievous allegations about her fidelity, without much evidence sadly, he abused her mother on top. Haba there have to be limits.

Did she have to repay him in like coin? I don’t think so, but I understand why she felt she had to.

Be that as it may, my first annoyance with Tunji is for being a girl (in the derogatory way of framing the word). Can’t he see his mate Jay-Z? Despite this whole lemonade thing, have we heard Jay-Z open his mouth? As we speak, he’s most likely settled issues with his wife and they are trying to rescue their marriage. A very mature way of handling things.

My real annoyance with Tunji though is the gross incompetence he displayed in this whole drama. Your kids will never live this down. If you want to kill yourself for Christ’s sake do a good job of it.