Quick Fayose appreciation

When a history of the geographical expression that is Nigeria is written in a few decades, one name will occupy a decent enough position. That name, Ayodele Fayose.

A year ago, I talked about his gambit, and as is usual with our people, many insulted me (on Twitter mostly) for being a “Fayose supporter”. Now, here we are…

You see, through no organised planning by him, Fayose has achieved something that has been deemed impossible for fifty years. The handshake across the Niger has been deemed as a sort of political impossibility, but his support for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, and their reciprocation, is that handshake that has been talked about. They are now working together, something that many political commentators had long assumed that Igbo and Yoruba politicians are incapable of doing.

The second thing that we should appreciate Fayose for, is his stance regarding herdsmen, most of whom are Fulani, and not from his Ekiti state. There are many who will say that Fayose’s stance is tribalistic, but we must ask, the silence of the President while the herdsmen wreaked their damage, what is it? The action of the Minister of Interior, which I talked about some time ago, what is it? Like it or not, in his stance against the herdsmen, Fayose has inadvertently triggered the discussion on the rights of states. That discussion will be of great importance when the inevitable happens and we are discussing the restructuring of this ‘ere country.

There are some who will say, rightly, that Fayose is an opportunist. My answer to that is, aren’t we all at some level? The man has found an opportunity, and he has seized it. In doing so, he has positioned himself for what is to come, because in the coming nsogbu, Ayodele Fayose will be one of the big power brokers.