Quick one on Nigerians and the English language

Two tweets that I made yesterday caused a bit of, err mayhem.

The first one was a part of a piece I did, while the second, was a stand alone tweet.

There have been reactions to both. For the first, the reactions have been in my private messaging, where a few people have asked why I am insulting Babanla. For the second, the reactions have been in the replies, and people quoting the tweet, I assume that many of them are fans of Dija.

For the first, Babanla is a family friend. We have done business together in the past. We will do business together in the future. This means that I know, for a fact, that he does a lot more than just journalism. The reaction to it, to my mind, gives a summary of just how poorly we understand nuance around these parts.

For the second, well, it is clear that quite a number of people were not listening during their English language classes.

One person clearly understood the context of the tweet.

“Something or someone that can be compared to something or someone else but is not as good is a poor man’s version”

It is that simple. In my view, Tiwa Savage is a better singer than Dija is, and likely a better singer than Dija will ever be. If you no like am, come and visit me in my village make I go baff you for River Niger.

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