So rather than analyse why this is happening now
This thing isn’t really happening.
Abidemi Amina Abudu

This is where I think the mistake is. It’s called “head in the sand”. Rather than pretend that bullshit isn’t happening, I think the best approach is first to accept that it is happening, then try to understand why it is happening.

Once we have that understanding, then we truly will be able to tackle it.

Case point — for years the bitterness about the whole Biafra thing remained unaddressed. Middle class Nigeria ignored it. Military Nigeria oppressed it. But it remained. Then in 1999, Uwazuruike formed MASSOB. The rest is history.

Or do we want to talk about how Maitatsine was crushed, but the ideology went underground, hibernated, metastasised, and became Boko Haram?

Ignoring the problem does not kill the problem.

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