We need a governor to step up

In every crisis there is an opportunity. The current crisis with the “Fulani herdsmen” presents one such opportunity. It presents the opportunity for us to break the strangle hold of Abuja on our internal security structure. I have in the past said that it makes no sense for example that the DPO of Nteje Police Station in Anambra, to be a Yoruba chap who didn’t speak Igbo, and lived in Awka. State policing, painful and scary as it may sound is actually the way forward, as is state control of so much of what we do.

Following the killings at Ukpabi Nimbo, a lot of noise has been made about how Ugwuanyi, governor of Enugu state is impotent. The truth is that he is. As a state governor, he is not a member of the National Security Council. As a state governor, the police in his state do not report to him, but to Abuja. The best he can do, is to augment their existence, but, crucially, he cannot give them orders, especially if someone in Abuja overrules him. Policing, is on the Exclusive List, a list I have railed against so many times.

Back to the theme of this presenting an opportunity…

If Ugwuanyi were a man with balls, it so happens that the attacks were in his senatorial district. His own people, in every sense of the word. Should he just let it slide? Should he, as governor decide to back nebulous groups like Bakassi Boys? MASSOB? No, that will be too crude. However, his duty is to his people, and this is the kind of time to play the right politics. Get your State House of Assembly to sit, and pass a law for the protection of your citizens. Get your State House of Assembly to pass a law authorising a State Security Force to protect the lives and property of your citizens, and then get your federal legislators to start pushing it through for amendment in Abuja. Given the proclivities of the Buhari government, there will be a pushback from there, but hey, 10 incidents in 7 states in the month of April alone tells the story of Abuja being unwilling and unable. Challenge Abuja, and you will win. Be a man. Step up to the plate. Break Abuja’s hold, and protect your people.