the fact still remains that the majority of the senate (i.e. the APC members) are deliberately and publicly undermining the authority of their chosen leader, the President of the country on an issue on which he has a clear mandate from the people. I slightly misspoke when condemning the entire senate in my original response. the PDP and other members are, i suppose, arguably doing their jobs as opposition but on what basis do the members of the President’s own party seek to undermine his authority in this way?
Three things.

Which brings us back to my original point. Our ruling party is all over the place, and to be honest, one of the hallmarks of a good leader is the ability to navigate issues such as this. On that, the President has not done well at all.

Using Trump’s Russia thing as an example is not a very good one. Fact is that in the Republican party, only John McCain and Lindsay Graham have spoken strongly.

Back to the DSS and Magu (again), the fact that the DSS did it twice means that the Presidency, led by Buhari, isn’t in control of their own house, so this issue of “sticking by his man” is a red herring.

Finally, one of the lessons we all have to learn in life, is that you do not always get what you want. Be you a President, or a Pauper. What this means is that given that the President has so many other things on his agenda, he is being irresponsible to let this person derail the whole thing. There are how many members of the police. Do you really mean that it is only this one that can drive the “anti-corruption war”? What if someone places a bullet in him? Will the whole thing end then?

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